3D printing at Precision Letter provides stunning raised letters, Braille, objects and textures on signage affordably.

3D Printing at Precision Letter

We’ve added a 3D printer to our fleet of machinery giving you another option when it comes to signage.

Three-dimensional, or 3D, printing is a process that combines the quick-drying nature of UV printing with the material layering of 3D printing. A UV-hardening ink is applied to a material substrate and cured before another layer is applied. The process is repeated to create a solid object that is adhered to the substrate. It can be used to print raised text and numbers, Braille, detailed graphics or textures.

3D printing makes it easier and more affordable to produce high-quality signage with custom, intricate graphics.

Tight budget? Not a problem!

Whether you’re looking for ADA compliant text and braille or textured prints, our 3D printed signage offers a more cost-effective choice because it uses less material and labor, and can produce complex designs quickly and accurately.

Ask us about this option for your next project!